• Web app capable of conducting a linguistic analysis of messages input by users. The app utilizes the machine learning of IBM's Watson Tone Analyzer API to provide users with near real-time assessments of their tone and language used within their written communications.
  • Implemented with MERN Stack.
  • Written completely in JavaScript.



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  • Web app for an old time favorite game we all knew as "snake", but now redesigned into Beetlejuice's Sandworm Game! Use the arrows on your keyboard to control the sandworm, make it grow and see what you can get as your highest score!
  • Written completely in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Desktop Piano App where you can select which types of notes to play when pressed with the click of your mouse!¬†Music note sounds include regular music notes, steel drum or console notes.
  • Written completely in C# within Visual Studio 2017.
  • iOS Calculator Clone written completely in JavaScript with React.
  • Incorporated Big.js library to handle decimal points and arithmetic logic.